Mountain Land for Sale

I know most of us dream of owning our own little piece of heaven. Thats what I like to call anyplace in the outdoors, heaven. Well I have just been made aware of some Utah property that is for sale and is located in a very unique, and beautiful place. The property is located in Tabiona, Utah. You might ask, "where in the world is Tabiona?" I know I did. It is about 1.5 hours east of Salt Lake City. Located in the Uintah Basin. Anyways, just thought everyone might like to know. Check them out and give it a try. You can access the land that is available through this link.


Hunting Elk in New Mexico with a Rifle

Elk hunting in New Mexico can be one of your greatest experiences in life or can also be a disaster if you are not carefully prepared. We have mentioned before that there are many different ways to harvest your trophy bull. You can use a muzzleloader, bow, or a rifle. Elk are tough customers, having an accurate fine tuned weapon is essential. Many hunters prefer to only have one gun for all their big game hunting needs. There are some major differences in hunting big game. For example, deer hunting versus elk hunting, to many casual hunters elk are merely big deer. For anyone who has hunted an elk, they are far tougher and harder to bring down than any deer. Therefore a higher caliber rifle is needed.

Higher caliber rifles are more forgiving and allow hunters that do not make the perfect shot to still get their trophies. Realistically you could shoot an elk with almost any caliber of rifle if you were a good enough shot. You would have to be world class at shot placement. Since not many of us are, it is best if we stick with the higher caliber rifles. Some of the most popular New Mexico elk hunting rifles are the .308, 300 mag, 7mm, .270 and .30-06.

There is no certain rifle that is the right one. Each hunter is different and so are their preferences when it comes to choosing a rifle. Make sure that the rifle you choose is comfortable in hand be sure that you have put in the time at the shooting range and have your gun shooting the way you want it. Remember that you are your own hunter, it doesn’t matter how so and so does it, do it how you know you can be successful. Also hunt New Mexico elk with a caliber of rifle that you are comfortable with and can bring down your elk.


New Mexico Elk Hunting Tracks

More often than not you see the tracks of animals that you are chasing before you actually see the animal. Being able to identify elk tracks can help you find more animals and find them quicker. When you are in the woods you have the chance of seeing many types of tracks from many different animals. New Mexico elk tracks are very distinct and easy to identify. Cow elk have slightly smaller tracks than their male counterparts.

Elk tracks are similar to cow tracks; they are a little bit narrower. Once you find an elk track there are a few different ways to tell how fresh or recent the track was left. If you see a track that is very detailed, very distinct, then you can likely be sure that there are elk in your area. Another way to get an idea of how old the track is is to touch it. If the track is soft and not crusted over you have a good chance of locating elk. Older tracks will not be as detailed and the ridges will break upon touching them.

If you can find tracks in the snow or in mudded areas, you can get a decent idea of their freshness. Mud and snow can also be a bit deceptive at times. Tracks in mud often look a lot larger than they really are. So, when chasing that big bull, be careful not to get excited about an extra large track in the mud because it does not necessarily mean they are from your monster bull.

New Mexico offers vast terrain that can produce many different looking elk tracks. The areas with snow offer ease of spotting tracks, while the soft soils make it easy for tracks to be very soft and unforgiving. Being very observant and taking notice of every track you see can help you spot the big one before it gets away.


New Mexico Elk Hunting Mega Bull

This bull shows elk hunting New Mexico at its finest. Bill Clark who is from Albuquerque, shot this magnificent animal with a recurve bow. This monster 6X6 scores in at 411 1/8. For those who do not know much about elk scoring, anything over 350 is considered a good animal, and an elk over 400 is enormous. The scoring is done by taking measurements at certain locations on the elk’s antlers and by measuring each point as well as a spread. Look for a future post to go into further detail on scoring elk.

According to many hunters and elk experts you must draw an exclusive once in a lifetime tag, or buy a rather expensive tag, in order to bag a 400+ class bull elk. That is one reason that this bull is so unique. Another factor that has come into play is where the elk was taken. It was not shot in any of the prime hunting units in New Mexico. It was the hunter’s third choice. According to Bill Clark, “more rattlesnakes than elk” are in the area. Finally, shooting this beautiful animal with a bow makes it even sweeter. For anyone who has ever hunted with a bow you know how much harder and more intense these hunts can be. This was not taken by an ordinary bow; it was with a recurve bow. Recurve bows have no modern technology, no let off that allows the hunter to draw back and wait for the perfect opportunity. All a hunter has is a split second to draw back, aim, and fire all in a split second.

This remarkable animal is one of many record setting elk that have been hunted in New Mexico. It also goes to show that just because you are not able to draw a once in a lifetime tag, or don’t have the funds to pay for expensive prestigious tags you can still bag record setting elk.


How to Hunt Elk Sheds in New Mexico

Many times elk hunting gets forgotten about in the off season. Almost put on the bookshelf to become dusty. A good number of New Mexico Elk Hunters consider it a waste of time to go and watch elk on their winter ranges. There are many activities that any hunter can do to keep them up close and personal with the elk year round. Shed hunting is one activity that can almost be as exciting as the hunt its self. Shed hunting is a growing phenomenon.

It is really quite easy and fun. To begin hunting sheds all you need is yourself and a place to go. Elk usually start shedding there antlers in late February and continue until April. Remember the bigger elk lose theirs first so get out early and often. One piece of equipment that is highly recommended is a pair of binoculars. You will save yourself a lot of wasted walking time by having some binoculars. You can glass hillsides, brush flats, or anything that might catch your eye. It will make it a lot more productive and fulfilling if you have been watching the elk and know where they are wintering.

Once you have located your desired herd of elk you must make sure the land that they are on is accessible to you. If it is private property, ask the owners permission before beginning your trek. Private or public property should be treated with respect. Keep your vehicles on trails and out of vegetation. You need to also find out state regulations concerning the pickup of shed antlers. Some states have seasons that sheds can and cannot be picked up during.

Once all the administrative matters have been taken care of, you are on your way to finding elk shed treasure. There are many signs to look for when hunting sheds. You can look for rubs. Places where the elk have scraped their antlers to aid in knocking them off. Also look for plants that have been dug up. Edges of fields and fence lines are also great hotspots for sheds. Trees are the hardest yet sometimes most profitable places to search for elk sheds.

Remember the story of the needle in the hay stack. Sometimes that’s what it feels like while trying to finds sheds. But once you find one you will be hooked for life. There are many things you can do with your elk sheds. You can make mounts, use them for crafts, sell them, or simply use them for decorations around the house or office.


Women Hunting Elk in New Mexico

For a long time hunting has been classified as a male only activity. That is no longer the case. Women hunters are on the rise. This is great for the sport. This is especially good for New Mexico Elk Hunting. The more interest we can draw, the better the memories will be.

One of the main draws for women to hunt elk is the opportunity for women to spend more time with their families. No longer are the sending their kids and husbands on trips for weeks at a time. They are coming with the men and are major contributors to successful hunts.

The hunting industry has also started to market more to woman. Women can now look like a woman even in hunting apparel. For most of the past, women have merely looked like one of the boys when it comes to hunting gear. Thant is no longer the case. There are clothing lines made that specifically fit the female body, as well as appeal to their color choices.

We live in an independent woman society which is closing the gap on equality. Having more women take part in New Mexico Elk Hunting trips is making hunting a more positive experience for all.


Capturing your Elk Hunting New Mexcio Trip

Have you ever heard of fish tales? Most probably have. But, have you ever heard of elk tales? Being in the woods and seeing a monster bull, or seeing a bull with three main beams and having no proof that you actually saw them is a monster tale. I must admit I have been guilty of telling a few of these tales.

A simple way to prevent these tales from happening is always be prepared. Having some form of camera or camcorder will make all your stories believable. As we all know, the camera doesn’t lie.

There are many options that every hunter can take with them in the field while elk hunting. Some may simply pack a disposable camera. Not your best bet, but highly affordable and packable. You may take a digital camera. Most digital cameras are small in size and offer some zoom capabilities. My favorite camera is a DVD video camera. Most are relatively small and easy to use. There is nothing like capturing your elk tale on video and being able to burn them directly to a DVD and share them with others.

Having some proof of your adventure is far better than having no proof. So don’t worry about what kind of camera or camcorder you have just make sure you always are prepared and have something with you so your stories can live on.


Elk Hunting New Mexico Gear

Having the correct gear can either make or break your New Mexico Elk Hunting trip. There are a couple different types of hunters when talking about gear. One hunter is worry prone and tries to pack everything including the kitchen sink into his pack. This hunter packs so much gear he is no longer mobile and able to get up and down the terrain. On the other hand you have the hunter that thinks nothing could go wrong. He will be back at the vehicle by dark and needs nothing but his weapon. Both examples are wrong. Balance is key to having successful hunts. You need to have enough gear for the elements and terrain you are hunting, as well as have safety gear in case of an emergency.

There is no set list you should or should not follow while preparing for your hunt. You know yourself better than anyone else does, so pack according to your needs. Here is a list that can help you get started on packing for your next adventure.

Hunting License
Ammunition or Arrows
Boots for cold, or wet weather and Boots for warm weather
Sleeping Bag and Pillow
Thermal Underwear
Medication/Personal Items
Camo Clothing
Day Pack
Water Bottle


Hunting Elk In New Mexico With Moon Valley Outfitters

Because of the new laws that require guide services for non-resident hunters, when you are hunting elk in New Mexico you may as well choose an outfitter that has is trusted, successful and been around. Moon Valley Outfitters is located in southwestern New Mexico, surrounded by the Gila National Forrest. The Gila National Forest is home to amazing bull elk. Moon Valley prides themselves on hiring capable guides that can offer you a hunt of a lifetime.

Moon Valley offers Archery, Riffle and Muzzleloader elk hunts. Hunts begin early in the rut so you can expect lots of bugling and movement, they also have late hunts that are far more challenging and nerve racking. The methods of hunting primarily consist of tree stands, ground blinds over water holes, spot and stock, and calling.

Great Elk, great food, and great accommodations are what will be found at Moon Valley Outfitters. They offer reasonable prices for quality work. You can contact Moon Valley at


New Mexico Elk Hunting Boundaries

Knowing where you can hunt might be as important being able to hunt. If you don't know the boundaries you may get yourself into some serious trouble. Elk Hunting New Mexico believes in following local rules and regulations. Respecting land owners and public lands alike, make the great outdoors more enjoyable for all.
Having a detailed map with you before you go on the hunt can prove to be vital. As a land owner it is very frustrating to have hunters wandering your property aimlessly simply because the do not know the boundaries. There is more to understand that just private property. Most hunts are confined to specific units or regions. Therefore, knowing where you need to be and when you need to be there is a must. New Mexico Wildlife has provide the following maps to help you better understand the land.
Game Management Unit Map Boundaries: