New Mexico Elk Hunting Mega Bull

This bull shows elk hunting New Mexico at its finest. Bill Clark who is from Albuquerque, shot this magnificent animal with a recurve bow. This monster 6X6 scores in at 411 1/8. For those who do not know much about elk scoring, anything over 350 is considered a good animal, and an elk over 400 is enormous. The scoring is done by taking measurements at certain locations on the elk’s antlers and by measuring each point as well as a spread. Look for a future post to go into further detail on scoring elk.

According to many hunters and elk experts you must draw an exclusive once in a lifetime tag, or buy a rather expensive tag, in order to bag a 400+ class bull elk. That is one reason that this bull is so unique. Another factor that has come into play is where the elk was taken. It was not shot in any of the prime hunting units in New Mexico. It was the hunter’s third choice. According to Bill Clark, “more rattlesnakes than elk” are in the area. Finally, shooting this beautiful animal with a bow makes it even sweeter. For anyone who has ever hunted with a bow you know how much harder and more intense these hunts can be. This was not taken by an ordinary bow; it was with a recurve bow. Recurve bows have no modern technology, no let off that allows the hunter to draw back and wait for the perfect opportunity. All a hunter has is a split second to draw back, aim, and fire all in a split second.

This remarkable animal is one of many record setting elk that have been hunted in New Mexico. It also goes to show that just because you are not able to draw a once in a lifetime tag, or don’t have the funds to pay for expensive prestigious tags you can still bag record setting elk.


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