Hunting Elk In New Mexico With Moon Valley Outfitters

Because of the new laws that require guide services for non-resident hunters, when you are hunting elk in New Mexico you may as well choose an outfitter that has is trusted, successful and been around. Moon Valley Outfitters is located in southwestern New Mexico, surrounded by the Gila National Forrest. The Gila National Forest is home to amazing bull elk. Moon Valley prides themselves on hiring capable guides that can offer you a hunt of a lifetime.

Moon Valley offers Archery, Riffle and Muzzleloader elk hunts. Hunts begin early in the rut so you can expect lots of bugling and movement, they also have late hunts that are far more challenging and nerve racking. The methods of hunting primarily consist of tree stands, ground blinds over water holes, spot and stock, and calling.

Great Elk, great food, and great accommodations are what will be found at Moon Valley Outfitters. They offer reasonable prices for quality work. You can contact Moon Valley at

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