Capturing your Elk Hunting New Mexcio Trip

Have you ever heard of fish tales? Most probably have. But, have you ever heard of elk tales? Being in the woods and seeing a monster bull, or seeing a bull with three main beams and having no proof that you actually saw them is a monster tale. I must admit I have been guilty of telling a few of these tales.

A simple way to prevent these tales from happening is always be prepared. Having some form of camera or camcorder will make all your stories believable. As we all know, the camera doesn’t lie.

There are many options that every hunter can take with them in the field while elk hunting. Some may simply pack a disposable camera. Not your best bet, but highly affordable and packable. You may take a digital camera. Most digital cameras are small in size and offer some zoom capabilities. My favorite camera is a DVD video camera. Most are relatively small and easy to use. There is nothing like capturing your elk tale on video and being able to burn them directly to a DVD and share them with others.

Having some proof of your adventure is far better than having no proof. So don’t worry about what kind of camera or camcorder you have just make sure you always are prepared and have something with you so your stories can live on.


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