How to Hunt Elk Sheds in New Mexico

Many times elk hunting gets forgotten about in the off season. Almost put on the bookshelf to become dusty. A good number of New Mexico Elk Hunters consider it a waste of time to go and watch elk on their winter ranges. There are many activities that any hunter can do to keep them up close and personal with the elk year round. Shed hunting is one activity that can almost be as exciting as the hunt its self. Shed hunting is a growing phenomenon.

It is really quite easy and fun. To begin hunting sheds all you need is yourself and a place to go. Elk usually start shedding there antlers in late February and continue until April. Remember the bigger elk lose theirs first so get out early and often. One piece of equipment that is highly recommended is a pair of binoculars. You will save yourself a lot of wasted walking time by having some binoculars. You can glass hillsides, brush flats, or anything that might catch your eye. It will make it a lot more productive and fulfilling if you have been watching the elk and know where they are wintering.

Once you have located your desired herd of elk you must make sure the land that they are on is accessible to you. If it is private property, ask the owners permission before beginning your trek. Private or public property should be treated with respect. Keep your vehicles on trails and out of vegetation. You need to also find out state regulations concerning the pickup of shed antlers. Some states have seasons that sheds can and cannot be picked up during.

Once all the administrative matters have been taken care of, you are on your way to finding elk shed treasure. There are many signs to look for when hunting sheds. You can look for rubs. Places where the elk have scraped their antlers to aid in knocking them off. Also look for plants that have been dug up. Edges of fields and fence lines are also great hotspots for sheds. Trees are the hardest yet sometimes most profitable places to search for elk sheds.

Remember the story of the needle in the hay stack. Sometimes that’s what it feels like while trying to finds sheds. But once you find one you will be hooked for life. There are many things you can do with your elk sheds. You can make mounts, use them for crafts, sell them, or simply use them for decorations around the house or office.


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