Hunting Elk in New Mexico with a Rifle

Elk hunting in New Mexico can be one of your greatest experiences in life or can also be a disaster if you are not carefully prepared. We have mentioned before that there are many different ways to harvest your trophy bull. You can use a muzzleloader, bow, or a rifle. Elk are tough customers, having an accurate fine tuned weapon is essential. Many hunters prefer to only have one gun for all their big game hunting needs. There are some major differences in hunting big game. For example, deer hunting versus elk hunting, to many casual hunters elk are merely big deer. For anyone who has hunted an elk, they are far tougher and harder to bring down than any deer. Therefore a higher caliber rifle is needed.

Higher caliber rifles are more forgiving and allow hunters that do not make the perfect shot to still get their trophies. Realistically you could shoot an elk with almost any caliber of rifle if you were a good enough shot. You would have to be world class at shot placement. Since not many of us are, it is best if we stick with the higher caliber rifles. Some of the most popular New Mexico elk hunting rifles are the .308, 300 mag, 7mm, .270 and .30-06.

There is no certain rifle that is the right one. Each hunter is different and so are their preferences when it comes to choosing a rifle. Make sure that the rifle you choose is comfortable in hand be sure that you have put in the time at the shooting range and have your gun shooting the way you want it. Remember that you are your own hunter, it doesn’t matter how so and so does it, do it how you know you can be successful. Also hunt New Mexico elk with a caliber of rifle that you are comfortable with and can bring down your elk.


Brandon said...

thanks for the comment about the truck...kinda worried no one would take a look. Wish you had the $ too.

Bugler said...

I started elk hunting with a 7mm, its a great rifle. My brothers and I grew up archery hunting so that is what we are doing now. Great blog.

Colorado Hunt Club said...
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Colorado Hunt Club said...
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Colorado Hunt Club said...

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Angela Killpack said...

I am one of those ignorant people that would think that elk hunting is just hunting big deer. I don't hunt, big game or otherwise, but I know people who love doing it. Is it harder to hunt with a bow over a rifle?