WELCOME! To Elk Hunting New Mexico

Thank you for checking out Elk Hunting New Mexico. As many of you know New Mexico offers prime elk hunting. There have been many record book bulls taken from New Mexico. It can be rather difficult to get a tag. New Mexico requires a lottery system to obtain tags. So, it can take years to draw one of these tags. A new rule that recently came into play is that the state requires non-residents to hire a guide to hunt elk. Don't get discouraged though.

There are many great guide services that can help you be on your way to many successful hunts. Look for future posts to highlight some of the best outfitters to ensure your New Mexico Elk Hunting experience.

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geolisa said...

how much time do you have to get the kill out of the field,most access is on foot or horses,i dont own a horse,and was looking for tips on how to get an elk out effiencently.
thank you